Skilltester ST5

NEW V1.030 & V4.00
PC Software for all windows application's

Please send your Testers SN & Bach Number to:
with the Info file, we will eMail you the new update for 200.00$
(it's free for tools under warranty)

    The ST5 SKILL TESTER gives you access to most
    off the on board computer systems that are actually running in


    İndependent Service Center Diagnostic Scanner/Tester

    It offers full data stream and code reading
     abilities with full trouble code clearing also.

    The versatility of the ST5 SKILL TESTER  is hard to beat


    Features include

    Rugged and lightweight, weighs less than 6,5kg -

    Simple to use interface, with easy to read step by step users manual (English - Italian versions available)

    Easy to install software, frequently updated via the Internet to your Email Address.

    Full 12 month warranty, with unlimited technical support

    Ability to interface and diagnose generic, as well as proprietary 3 - 4 digit "P" codes

    EOBD - ISO cables (with extensions) for interfacing with many different vehicle applications

    Assortment of power adapters, allowing for use @ home - @ work or roadside assistance

     4 Gabytes of storage, enabling retrieval of multiple vehicle parameters before downloading to PC

    Complete stand alone, with no bulky cabinets to push around

    Increases productivity and traffic to your workshop, resulting in higher profits and increased sales.

    The beauty of this new version is that you can purchase all optional software for the following models as and when needed. Simply email us what you need and you can download the next day.

    Our ST5 Skill Tester is as easy to use as a Ferrari SD2 & far easier than the SD3 tester, and it operates in much the same way as the Ldas32.

    The user is able to clear any code within the vehicle, whether it be on the Airbag - Engine Management - A/C - ABS. Regardless of the code, the user can remove it and erase any associated history.

     You can NOT reset Immobilizer and can not code
      New Keys with ST5 Skill Tetser

    How many times have you turned away work because you were unable to perform automotive diagnostics?
    Since all U.S. and European manufacturers and dealerships use diagnostics testers to perform and to evaluate automotive computer related errors, no modern day facility can compete unless it has the correct tool.

    How would you like to be able to perform the same diagnostics work as your local Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati dealer?

    Instead of just basic service work, the ST5 Skill Tester now allows you to be proficient in diagnosing and repairing problems previously reserved only for official dealers. The ST5 Skill Tester's capabilities are endless.

    What if you want to know how much clutch life is left on a car prior to purchasing?
    No problem! This tooling can tell you in "%."

    Do you need to know if the vehicle's clutch has ever been overheated?
    No problem! The ST5 Skill Tester can retrieve the vehicle's count of times that its clutch has been overheated!!!

    Please Contact us for additional questions.